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Nail Trim Appointment

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We have partnered with local Veterinary Technicians to provide nail trims on site. 

Day of Appointment:

Appointments are 20 minutes long, if you are late for an appointment you will only have the remainder of time left for the nail trim (10 minutes late means we only have 10 minutes to trim nails). These technicians are professionals but they are human, and dogs tend to move around and a quick can be cut accidentally, we will have the necessary items to help stop the bleeding but we want you to be aware of the realities of nail trims.

Before Appointment:

  • You may be asked to restrain your pet, if you are unable to do so please make sure to bring someone who can help.
  • If your dog is has to take medications to help sedate or calm down please make sure to give them as directed. The technician and you will be restraining the pet so it is in YOUR best interest to insure they are medicated adequately.
  • If your pet needs to be muzzled for nail trims, please be sure to bring a muzzle.
  • The technician will do their best to trim all of the pets nails however if your pet is uncooperative and we are unable to finish all the nails a refund will not be provided.