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Earth Rated Treat Toy

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Treat your dog to the joy of play. Our treat toy was designed to let your dog paw, bounce and nibble their heart out in pursuit of a carefully-placed kibble or treat, providing mental stimulation.

Its wobbly, rolling shape provides interactive stimulation and keeps dogs engaged. Your dog has to put in some work to get the kibble or treat out of the toy, and when they do, they get to enjoy a sense of accomplishment along with their well-earned goodie (and will be that much more ready for nap time).

An intuitive and fully-rewarding experience, the Earth Rated treat toy has been thoughtfully designed, rigorously tested and made from responsibly sourced natural rubber. It is dishwasher and freezer safe—making it the perfect cool toy for teething pups or on hot days. It’s also soft on floors and furniture, so you can say no to scratches and yes to tons of engaging play.

Safe play can be this simple. Please ensure to choose the right size for your dog and read the instructions of use/ disclaimer.